We work with a network of shipping agents in the UK to supply barrels, crates and containers and to facilitate all your shipping needs to Jamaica.


Our reliable and trustworthy logistics team can be relied on to collect your shipments from the wharf and deliver them to your address in Jamaica.

pack a barrel

Buy a pre-packed barrel, or shop the UK online stores. We will collate your orders, pack them into a barrel and ship them to Jamaica for you.

shipping to Jamaica

shipping to jamaica

Whether you are shipping a single barrel,  a vehicle or the contents of your house to Jamaica, we have a shipping and logistics solution for you.

We work with a network of trusted professionals and experienced shipping agents, who provide full quotations and a great customer experience, when shipping from the UK to Jamaica.

Our in-house team can also be relied upon to transport your cleared items from the wharf and deliver them your address in Jamaica.

shop the uk from jamaica

Once you move to Jamaica, you can still enjoy shopping at your favourite (online) UK stores.

Simply buy your items online and have them delivered to our UK office. We will sort and pack your items in a barrel and have them shipped to you in Jamaica.

This is ideal when you want to buy a selection of small items, such as, (non-perishable) groceries, school supplies, clothing, home / kitchen wares, soft furnishings, small electrical items, car parts, sports equipment and so on.  But you aren't physically in the UK, to pack all of your purchases in a barrel yourself.

shop the uk stores from Jamaica
grocery shopping

Pre Packed Barrels

Get all the excitement of a barrel full of groceries from the UK, without having to leave your hammock!

Everyone enjoys receiving a barrel full of goods from foreign (overseas). Especially when it's filled with all your favourite branded products from the UK.

Whilst, not so many people enjoy the process of finding and prepping said goods, before spending hours physically packing the barrel themselves.

Ask us more about our pre-packed barrels, where we do all the running around buying, prepping and packing the goods. Before labelling it and having it collected to ship to you, or your loved ones in Jamaica.


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